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Paan for Mouth Ulcers

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Paan for Mouth Ulcers

Suffering from ulcers? This paan is for you. The gulkand in the paan is mixed with an edible, purified form of Kapoor (camphor) and menthol. For best results, this paan should be swirled in the mouth instead of swallowing. Menthol and camphor combined act as an analgesic and numb the affected area to provide pain relief, while simultaneously increasing the rate of healing.

Benefits of Chewing Paan

Gives relief from the ulcers
Improves bone and joint health
Relaxes nerves
Boosts Immunity


  • Edible form of Kapoor (camphor)
  • Menthol
  • Paan Leaves
  • Gulkand
  • Grated Coconut

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